Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Assignment #3 for Critique

This assignment I approached wanting to focus on perspective. However, when I went out shooting at Stephens Lake (which has many rocks, and water) I was surprised half way through my photo session when I saw the most beautiful snow white duck! I decided right then and there that I had been inspired to change my focus to motion. I love motion photos because they require skill and luck. It is difficult to catch the perfect moment when working with an animal that has absolutely no respect for what you would like for them to do for the perfect photo. It is up to you to catch that moment. And I think that I caught a few. The session in general was kind of awkward because I anticipated an isolated location however was shocked with people sleeping on benches with mountain dew bottles which kind of ruined the mood for a bit, but I steered away from that noise.
The first photo was kind of random and although has nothing to do with my favorite duck, the ripples in the water cause by the water beaming off the shore created a beautiful rippled effect. I also liked how the lovely red blossoms added to the all natural greens, browns, blues, and greys of the photo. It added a bit of contrast.  The duck was just fascinating in general. I started shooting from far away but managed to sneak up very closely without disturbing the creature. Even if he knew of my presence, he was not bothered. He kept dipping into the water which made for a few terrible shots but also for a variety, some you can even see his bright orange beak peeping through the shallow water. Trying to catch a photo that emphasized the duck's beauty was my main intention.  I couldn't get enough!

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