Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Botanical Garden- Brooklyn, NY

This photo was taken during early afternoon (approx. 3p.m.) on a Sunday at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. I was standing under trees on a trail when I took this photo and did not use the zoom. The photo was taken via Blackberry digital photo because I broke my 'real' digital camera, and I think this photo has decent composure considering the limitations. I think that in terms of emotion, the willow tree's placement in the left half of the photo keeps the serenity of the photo in tact because of the calming water. The ironic part is that this certain lake was in the "Japanese" section of the park, and just to the left of the tree was an obnoxious, bright orange, boat house.

(For copyright purposes, I am not the person who took the polaroid of the palm tree)