Friday, September 12, 2008

Jason Christopher - Fashion Photographer

This photograph was taken by Jason Christopher, an 'infamous' photographer located out of Los Angeles, California. Jason picked up his first camera (an old Cannon) at the age of 14 after saving up enough paper route money. He is 100% Italian blooded and was raised in Southern California. In high school he developed an interest in beautiful Italian designers that he was familiarized with through fashion magazines such as Vogue, Italian Vogue, and W magazine. That is what he focuses on photographing and it comes naturally for him.

Jason's photography is typically described as romantic, classic, and clean. To him, those three characteristics are necessary to nail the perfect photograph. He has been compared to that of French painter Degas and the Italian artist/genius Leonardo Devinci because of his use of clean, simple lines that make the body resemble something of fine art. Through those tactics along with his use of lighting and color, Jason creates some very nice photographs that are more than delightful to look at.

The photograph I chose to analyze is very similar in characteristics to many of his photographs. He specializes in beauty and fashion photography and truly brings out the most beauty possible in his models. This specific photograph I love because it has a very simple background and the emphasis is drawn to the models and their colorful outfits. The focus is centered because of the ambient lighting that is creating a bright aura around the models. The way that the models are standing is very flattering and the long lines accentuate their legs really does make me think of them as a piece of art rather than an advertisement, making this photo more of an abstract. Although Jason used a direct approach to this photograph, centering the models, they still somewhat are part of the entire composition. They stand out but also blend in naturally with the surroundings.

The intense edges in the rocky, organic background relate well to the geometric designs of the model's clothing. The models in the central focus have a great contour against the setting. The composition as a whole is very strong. The blue sky is so light that it creates a nice contrast to the rest of the image. The vantage point seems to be taken from a slight angle, since the objects on the far right appear to be larger, though only slightly, and to fade into the distance.

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