Monday, October 20, 2008

Citizen Jane Film Festival

This is the most recently edited photograph. I enhanced the levels of red, increased the levels of black, took some of the grey out, and adjusted the lightness. I think that this photo may be the best of the three, though I am still wondering how I can make it perfect. I love how she, her daughter, and her installation are the bright, focused objects in the picture and the background acts as such through it's darkness. She looks eccentric and alive.

This photo was the outcome of the first trial/error photoshop session. I greatly enhanced the black and especially the blue levels, almost too much of the blue. I think it is good for an abstract approach but not really for a portrait.

This is my raw, unedited photo for Micaela's portrait.

This photo was taken at the Citizen Jane Film Festival. This was the film/art installation portion of the festival and I photographed filmmaker and artist Micaela O'Herlihy and her lovely daughter. In the left portion of the photo is her creation which is a film creation that she used 16 m.m. film for and was processed completely by hand. Her intention is to stay as far away from laboratory and technological approaches as possible.

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